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Anticipated release date : early 2016

This 7 volumes box set brings together, for the first time in the world,
Valmiki’s unabridged sacred text with 660 Indian miniatures
from the 16th to the 19th century, unpublished for most parts.

Translation from Sanskrit to English under the editorship of Robert P. Goldman,
Sally J. Sutherland Goldman and Sheldon I. Pollock, Princeton University Press.

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The project

Discover the journey of the Ramayana with Diane de Selliers

“I have been working on this project for the past 15 years.
It took us 10 years of worldwide research to identify 5,000 images illustrating the Ramayana. We choose the most beautiful and significant ones to faithfully accompany the text, chapter by chapter.”

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2014 10 10

Welcome to our dedicated website

The pre sale operation is starting. We need to pre sale 1200 copies of the book for this publication to come out in March 2015. If you like the project, if you want to see this amazing book exist in the world, you can support us by pre ordering one or more copies on this website.


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2014 11 15 08:00 PM

The Ramayana US Tour 2015

Museums / Art galleries / Art societies / Private homes

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Latest Press

What is said about the Ramayana

All Press

Specialists and officials

2014 10 11

Dr. Karan Singh

Dedication, devotion and scholarship Diane de Selliers puts into this work is quite amazing. It is a task that very […]


Indian press

2014 07 01

The Business Standard, New Delhi

The Ramayana published by Editions Diane de Selliers – perhaps the most ambitious illustrated project on the epic – undertaken […]


French press

2014 06 21

Ouest France

Definitely the book of the year, a luxurious edition of the greatest Indian epic. Ouest France Hervé Bertho October 23, […]


Why contribute?

Contribute by pre-ordering copies of the upcoming box set

Associate your name to an unprecedented project

The 3,000 limited, numbered edition of the Ramayana box sets will carry your name for a lifetime. Supporting this edition of the Ramayana will offer a priceless visibility, prestige and permanence.

Get the chance to personalize your own masterpiece edition

Share the values of Lord Rama, courage, loyalty, love and obedience with your loved ones by personalizing your own copies of the boxset.

Contribute to the worldwide diffusion of Indian heritage and civilization

Being part of the Ramayana journey is honoring the traditions and values of the sacred epic of India that shall continue, through this edition, to touch people all over the world. This edition of the Ramayana, for its exceptional content, will be treasured by generations and revered worldwide by institutions as an incomparable reference for Indian miniatures.

Contribute to spreading a message of inter faith, religious tolerance

The publication comprises the finest Mughal manuscripts of all time illustrating the Ramayana. These Mughal manuscripts were ordered by Emperor Akbar in the 16th Century, along with the first translation of the Ramayana from Sanskrit to Farsi. This was the vision of Akbar to create strong links between the Mughals and the majority of his subjects who were Hindus and encourage religious harmony and tolerance.


And if the target of 1200 copies is not reached?

In this unfortunate case, the backers will be entirely and immediately reimbursed of their money.
The backers can choose to receive a copy of the Ramayana box set in French¸ along with a booklet of the unabridged text and commentaries in English. It is the exact same content and layout.

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